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My mission is to work with each student's unique needs, and  remind them that learning is a life long journey, not a race to the finish line.

Fabriene Prudencio

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Born in New York City, I grew up in New York, London, Vienna, and São Paulo and am fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish with strong knowledge of French and German. I grew up as a multi-lingual learner and experienced first hand the challenges and joys of transitioning to different schools, adapting to different cultures, and learning in different languages. I spent twelve years in investment banking before turning my career to my real passion, education, focusing on Early Childhood Literacy, as well as English as a Second Language. Since 2017, I have worked with students in the UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, and the USA providing English as a Second Language tutoring and reading and writing support for students at every stage of their learning. I am always in pursuit of professional development that helps me to better support my students to achieve their goals.

My academic qualifications include:

  • Saint Lawrence University (New York) - BS Sociology 

  • Fundação Escola de Sociologia and Politica (São Paulo) - MA International Politics

  • International House London - CELTA (Cambridge Certificate of English Language Teaching)

Additional qualifications from:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Erikson Graduate School in Child Development

  • University of London Institute of Education & Dyslexia and Literacy International

  • British Council 

  • Miami-Dade College

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